Faithless Kiss

Don’t you ever ponder

how I was naked also during you with me exclusively wrapped

in a ragged and well worn doona for two190

crouching knee to knee, elbow tip to elbow tip

drenching ourselves in wantonness in front of the small and ineffective gas heater

without a clue to unwind itself for us?

Too quickly I hid my recovery after grappling with the enormity of the flowers you sent me

their stalks embedded especially for mother’s day in a green polystyrene casing

were meant for my admiration

but only produced my anxious speculation when  imagining cruel hands of lovingness

around the soft throat of the not so innocent.

You wooed me and in readiness you polished your tools

while thinking about the bible

how mine was upside down and when the devil led you to a faithless kiss176

you did not expect for him to remain as one with you

when you came silently and shamefaced

your head dripping between my breasts.

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