The Small Cat and the now Dead Rat

An unbelievable night when, at midnight or there abouts,  my small tokinsese drags in a large rat, half her size and the proceeds to battle it out beneath my bedside dresser. All I could do was watch in horror as it  all unfolded, the prospect of this rat beating up my cat, because it was putting up a fight, unsettled me tremendously. All the tokinese could do was growl and hiss whilst I’m thinking that it is going take more than a growl and a hiss to beat this creature.

A chase ensured, the animals heavy footing it through my wardrobe and then beneath my record player, spilling my uncovered records that were previously precariously perched on top of my speakers. Finally the rat was trapped behind my dressing table making an unholy noise, perhaps knowing that its life was soon to end.

Feeling sorry for the creature, whom, before my ferocious feline hunter came along was probably enjoying a pleasant evening hopefully in a back block very far away from my house, I commenced to hatch a rescue plan. This was to move my heavy dressing table so it could escape and I would chase it out the front door not too much of a distance away from my bedroom.

First of all, I tried to get a glimpse of the creature as I was starting to think , partly because of the noise it was making, it was a possum and truly was hoping that this was the case as I am not as fearful of possums. There is no rationality to this comparison as believe me, possums can be pretty scary, but truly based on my squeamishness attached to the viewing of rodents no matter how friendly these appear. In truth I never perceive a rodent as friendly such is the nature of my prejudice.

I couldn’t make head or tail of the actuality of the species as it was too dark in the small space between my dresser and wall, so I decided to be brave and move the dressing table anyway. Stupidly, as I moved it I only remembered the heavy framed picture on top of my dressing that was leaning against the wall, a picture that was given to me by a friend of mine as it was a gift from her husband who is now very ex.  The picture of the two swans swimming lovingly together in a pool of turquoise, immediately slipped between the wall and the dresser and  on top of a rat, the poor creature immediately going into death throes as soon as it was hit.

That was the end of its life. I am not sure how long rats live for but do hope that this one had a reasonable life before it unhappily embarked upon my cat.

The rat now safely dead, I scooped it up into a jewellery box, after I discarded  my jewellery of course, and put it beneath the grape vine at the back of my house. When I returned, the cat looked like this.


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