Because you are so exceptional, there are a million moments so fleeting that snatch the mind, binding the thinking matter to frenzy. There is no measuring this multitude when hoary ephemerals…disguised is this notion of one. They giggle as playful children leading the grappling mind to settle perceptions way beyond the surface.

Scribbled with wasted calculations, the surface breaks with urgent ripples as I sink this mustering without speech, without sound and in the fierce stillness, circumnavigate the reflections, immersed beyond distraction.

The mirrored self opens and the precious holdings are empty, the deposits floating up merging with the streaming speckled light, surface then travel this friendship that just is as we ridicule our fostering under perplexing violence.

When judicious, I move against the current; a fool heartlessly removed from the now as the flow my darling, no matter the torrent, no matter the tinkling of a sleepy stream flowing into the estuary; and there this end, this start again is indigenous to the massive waters, ocean deep.

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