R U?


U! I roasted the garlic tonight 2 a charcoal crisp and I thought of U and how U and we left each other behind even though we both bake garlic.

If only I were antsy enough, if only I wanted to infest myself with saccharin hopers acting like the charity infested do gooders storing only the best interest of others in their poisonous hearts.

How U evidence U:  all those pics on facebook, eliciting  honey dripping compliments stating that indeed U r the most humanist of human beings. R U? R U U?

It wasn’t the burning of the roasted garlic, but the eating of the charcoal shell that made me think of U, U. Wonderful U, careless heroin user U and overdosing heroin me with U the 1 traumatised as U were 2 stoned to CPR me; suicidal U wanting to cycle into cars whilst weeping inconsolably on the phone to me; mental illness U, nefariously recuperating in a private rehab where you were given folders outlining CBT and DBT strategies.

And these were only some of  the Us that overtook it all until all my Us were flimsy and unmentionable.

Needless to say, the charcoal garlic was not wonderful.


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