what is rape

Rape is the undoing of it all. One becomes no one. One’s  body becomes bound to nothingness. One becomes  nothing but the space that surrounds , the world  is darkened, shut out  in agony, cut off from one’s self,  even the possibility of the construction of self that belongs.  The taking of another self, the body of another is a consequence of the sheer intent of another.

Indeed, it is a violation enacted by another who’s only wish is to mask the other as absolute. The one that is raped  masks the repercussions of the sufferings that rape brings forth. It is forever the topic that is unspoken. Speechless rape remains.

Rape is disappearance, it is the making of the invisible . There is no voice just as there in no body. The body disappears  and becomes that of the rapist. The raped becomes that of the shamed, the outlawed, the disposed, the raped one lives deep in her silence and in turn propagates the silence of others.

The nature of rape is that of the dictated . The body ends and begins again in totalitarianism . That body, that flesh, bones, muscle , nervous system,circulation system  will never be that again. It has been reconstructed to that belonging to the rapist. Indeed the fear that is instilled is the victory of the rapist; instilled fear allows that flesh to be of that violating disunion again and again.

Now the body has been possessed, the flesh is now his and  the the rapist  has made his territory   The loss that  of the raped  is insurmountable,deadly quiet even. A quiet darkened death.