Jakarta Day 2


Last night I went out into the garden here at the Shrangalai Hotel. It really is a lovely hotel,the gardens are spectacular. It was so hot yesterday . I thought my brains might fry. Anyway here’s the photo I took last night. No cats I am afraid.

Only just had this great conversation with one of the hotel staff whose name is Kartini, name after one of the great Indoesian heroes , the first feminist in Indonesia. Kartini I was a Javenese princess who fought for education opportunities for Indonesian Woman, wanita Indonesia. Her letters to her Dutch friend are famous because these letters describe her imprisonment in her parents house from the age of 12 until her marriage. This was the standard for female Javanese aristocracy .

I had one of those gruelling city tours in very heavy Jakarta traffic. Jakarta is famous for its traffic jams, why is is often callled  the big durian, that smelly fruit that is banned from hotels because it really does stink.

In Batavia I stopped to chat to some locals playing chess.

I drank very refeshing and much needed ice tea. The owners practiced their English and I practiced my limited Bahasa.



Street food. Delicious!. Hot soup with chilli at its best in tropical weather.



Very fast chess playing. They invited me to play.


Ciluwung river at another point near a trans Jakarta bus station