Makassar day 2

IMG_2025The road Milano were being reconstructed at the time of of my journey with Hera and Rule. As you know I met Hera in the street the day before and Rule was a driver organized by Roslee. A guide at Fort Rotterdam.

We stopped off to have a coffee at the cafe above. Then onwards and upwards to Milano, the highlands were the Dutch built a resort for their holidaying commanders. Here tourists will find a zoo, tea plantation, horse riding  and strawberry plantation . But first we stopped at the waterfall.IMG_2034Then we went on to the tea plantation where we all enjoyed a pot of tea. Hera had milk though as her stomach was giving her trouble.

The drive home was horrendous. Between the road construction and the traffic, the journey was painfully slow(pelan pelan) . It was a 70k journey only but it took 3 hours. Suffice to say I was exhausted when I returned to my home stay. I enjoyed my bintang sitting on the balcony listening to the call to prayer. IMG_2078