Manado and Bunaken Islands


Shy pig

Manado’s weather is extremely hot. Being the inexpert traveller that I am, I commenced walking around Manado sans map and of course was lost pretty much as soon as I left my guesthouse. After walking around the streets, avoiding the enormous craters in the pathways, I was literally soaking in sweat. Even my jeans were soaked through. Lucklily a kindly bus driver picked me up and then proceeded to drive me and fellow passengers around Manado. That’s how the buses work throughout Indonesia. The drivers pick you up, you tell them where you need to go and they drop you close to that area. All this for only RP 5000, 50 cents in Australian dollars.

In Manado I ate at his great restaurant, Tuna house, that mainly serves very fresh Tuna. ‘Tuna helps the memory’ there sights tell you. I wish that eAting tuna could give me a sense of direction as well. But really the food was delicious and the iced lemon tea is just what you need in such hot weather that Manado offers.

The staff at the Istanaku guest house, a hip and environmentally friendly establishment, go out of there way to help you. I really enjoyed my one night there. A high recommendation from this traveler is well deserved.

The next day I travelled to Bunaken Islands, a marine park, I think a heritage protected area but I could be wrong. I was escorted to the public boat, and ended up sitting on this boat for close to three hours, watching the loading of vegetables, rice, maise, water(there is no fresh water on Bunaken) chickens, various kinds of sugary drinks, Bintang, bread and more. I had a nice chat with the locals , the captain, and a lovely Dutch couple.

The boat trip took 30 minutes or there abouts. Upon arrival the captain arranged a motor bike to take me to Bunaken Beach Resort.

I swam as soon as I arrived, looking for the drop in the sea floor but to no avail, I must have swum for a kilometer.

The next day I walked to the village. I stopped at a kiosk for some tea and ended up chatting to the proprietor for and hour about family, work, and religion.

Here are some pics of  my journey. These are above and below. IMG_2106IMG_2107.JPGIMG_2090