Hey just had the most interesting day. First day in Makassar and this woman comes running up to me in the street, a young a beautiful woman in her thirties callled Hera. ‘It’s not safe to be on your own!’ She exclaims. I attempt  to reassure her that I am okay but she insists on staying with me. At first I thought I just want to rid myself  of her and get back to what I was doing. This was finding a cold drink as Makassar is hot, hot, hot. There is no escape so I acquiesce telling myself that this is what travelling is about. She takes me to this great restaurant where we have this great coffee. See below.


After chatting, her in broken English, I in broken Bahasa we go to Fort Rotterdam. See below


We had this hour tour of the museum Gowan Kingdom being the focus . The tour guide was well versed in history  so it was a fascinating tour despite the fact that I thought I would collapse from the heat. The guide is able to speak Dutch as well as English so consequently ended up chatting to a number of Dutch tourists mainly about language. After the tour finished we had this great lunch at another fantastic restaurant where of course I ate fish as Makassar is famous for its fish. See meal below. Hera and her meal are pictured below alsoIMG_0094.JPG